Frequently Asked Questions About Renting a Charter Bus in Boston

Quotes and Prices

How much does renting a Boston charter bus cost?

The cost of your Boston charter bus can only be determined by getting a personalized quote from one of our team members. We personalize all of our rentals based on your trip details. The cost of your charter bus will be determined by factors like when you’re traveling, where you’re traveling, how long you’re traveling, and the size of your group. Get a personalized quote by calling 617-314-7577 at any time!


What is included in my charter bus rental quote and cost?

Your rental quote will include the cost of your bus rental by the hour or day, pay for your driver, full-coverage insurance, and mileage on your bus. Your quote will not include parking, tolls, or lodging for your driver during multi-day trips.


Are deposits required?

A deposit is required to secure your charter bus rental. Depending on the total cost of your trip, your deposit will be 10-30% of your rental price.


When is my trip balance due?

The full balance of your rental is due 14 days prior to the start of your trip.


Rental Details

How far in advance should I reserve a charter bus rental?

We recommend booking your charter bus as far in advance as possible. Usually, rental demand increases during peak travel seasons like spring, summer, and major holidays. If you’ll be traveling during these times, consider reserving your charter bus rental 6 to 9 months in advance. Groups traveling during other times should book at least 3 months in advance.


Can I make trip changes?

You can make changes to your trip by calling the Boston Charter Bus Company team at any time. Be aware that major changes like extending your trip or requesting a different type of vehicle may include additional charges.


How do I cancel my trip?

Canceling your trip can be done by calling our rental team at 617-314-7577. Keep in mind that canceling your trip may require that you forfeit your deposit. If you cancel your trip less than 14 days before departure, we will be unable to refund the full cost of your rental.


Vehicle Details

What type of charter buses can I rent?

The Boston Charter Bus Company network includes a variety of minibus and charter bus rentals. Minibuses can accommodate 18-passengers to 25-passengers. We usually recommend minibus rentals for small groups like private tours and corporate shuttles. Full-size charter bus rentals usually accommodate up to 56 passengers and are best for school field trips and sporting events.


Can I request a specific type of bus?

When you call to book your bus, you can request a specific model or vehicle color. We can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to provide the exact bus requested but will do our best to meet your needs. We’ll ensure that your group has the right size of vehicle needed and the amenities required for a comfortable trip.


What amenities are included in my charter bus rental?

Minibuses and charter bus rentals can both come with premium amenities to make your Boston trip as smooth as possible. Amenities can include features like reclining seats, WiFi, TVs with DVD players, AUX and USB ports, and personal climate controls. Every full-sized charter bus rental will also include a restroom onboard.


Can I drink alcohol on my bus?

Drinking alcohol can be permitted on charter buses with prior requests. Some of the operators in our transportation network do not allow drinking alcohol on board, but we can do our best to match you with a transportation partner that permits drinking. Smoking any substances is prohibited on every charter bus.


Can I eat on my bus?

Food and drinks are allowed on board as long as your group removes any garbage at the end of your trip. We also recommend that you refrain from bringing messy foods and glass bottles onboard. Any mess left on the bus may result in your group being charged up to $250 in cleaning fees.


Do you offer party bus rentals in Boston?

Unfortunately, we do not offer party bus rentals in Boston at this time.



Can I drive my charter bus?

No, only your assigned charter bus driver is allowed to operate your charter bus. Even if you have a valid CDL license, you are not allowed to drive your bus.


Do I need to pay for my driver’s food and lodging?

You are not required to pay for your driver’s food and drinks, but they would likely appreciate snacks and refreshments if your group will bring any onboard. If you have a multi-day trip, you must secure a lodging arrangement for your driver. All drivers are required to rest at least 8 hours for every 10 hours of on-duty driving.


Should I tip my bus driver?

Tipping is always appreciated. Your dedicated driver works hard to make sure you have a good trip, so providing them with a 5-10% gratuity is a great way to say thank you.